Chicago Cubs Reportedly Looking to Host 2020 All-Star Game

With major renovations underway at Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs are reportedly hoping to host the 2020 All-Star Game.

The talent on the Chicago Cubs roster is enough to fill out an entire All-Star Game squad, but that isn’t enough for Cubs ownership. Cubs ownership is reportedly hoping to bring an All-Star Game to Wrigley Field in the near future, soon after major renovations are completed around the stadium.

Three years from now seems like an entirely realistic goal for the Cubs, as the team will have ample time to finish renovations and get the stadium and the surrounding area up to standards for MLB officials.

The 2017 All-Star Game will be at Marlins Park in Miami, while the 2018 contest will be hosted in Washington. After that, however, plans have yet to be announced. The 2019 game will likely go to an American League team, as it’s unlikely that the league would award a National League team the game three years in a row.

Dayn Perry of CBS Sports noted that the league has “rewarded” teams in the past for securing public financing for stadium renovations, but the Wrigley renovations have mainly been privately funded.

This offseason, Wrigley Field has undergone several renovations around the stadium as part of the “1060 Project”.  The major renovations include relocating both bullpens, the addition of new seating areas and concession improvements.

Here’s a list of everything being done to Wrigley Field this offseason and into next season, straight from the “1060 Project” website.

To continue playing Cubs baseball at the corner of Clark and Addison streets, the majority of construction work will occur during the offseason. Here’s a list of projects that will be executed during this offseason:

  • Home and Visiting Team’s Bullpen Relocation
  • New Seating Area in the Bullpens’ Former Location
  • Visiting Team Batting Tunnel
  • Partial Façade Restoration on Addison Street
  • Structural Improvements in Right Field
  • Continued Terrace Reserved Seating Replacement
  • Replacement of Seats Behind Home Plate

The following projects will begin during the offseason with work continuing during the 2017 season:

  • American Airlines 1914 Club (to be completed by Opening Day 2018)
  • Concession improvements near Gate F (to be completed during 2017 baseball season)

Here’s a look at renovations to the Addison Street area of Wrigley.

And here’s a look at inside the park.

The biggest change for Wrigley is the decision to move the bullpens under the bleachers, which will remove any threat of bullpen obstruction.  The “1060 Project” website includes renderings of what the renovations will eventually look like, which can be found here.

The Cubs haven’t hosted the All-Star Game since 1990, while the Chicago White Sox last hosted the event in 2003 – so Chicago is long overdue to host the game. And finally, it looks as if Wrigley Field will move into the modern era like many other historic ballparks around the country.

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