Chicago Cubs News: David Ross returning to the Cubs with new job title?

The Chicago Cubs will most likely ride into 2017 with only two catchers on their big league roster. Following the retirement of one of their seasoned veterans, a huge announcement could be on the horizon.

Let’s go ahead and make something clear right now. There is no way David Ross returns to the Chicago Cubs as an active player. Grandpa Rossy had one heck of a regular season and rode off into the sunset as a World Series champion.

Yes, it would be nice to have him back on the big league roster. It’s just not in the deck. Unless he’s pulling a prank. But as of right now, he’s still retired. Ross has been a favorite both in the clubhouse and with fans.

Which isn’t much of a surprise. The 39-year-old veteran put together a little “retirement bucket list” which obviously ended with a World Series title.

Welp, he played a huge part in the Cubs both reaching and winning it all. In 166 at-bats, Ross hammered 10 home runs, drove in 32 RBI, six doubles, and 38 hits while slashing .229/.338/.446.

Not too bad for an old guy who hit only .176 with one homer and nine RBI in his first year with the Chicago Cubs. Some were begging him to stay and were practically on their knees in the postseason.

His little throw out combination with infielder Javier Baez took the league by storm. Those two hooked up more than a few times to retire baserunners.

Home, Forever

Whether he likes it or not, his new home is going to be the city of Chicago for the remainder of his life. All because of how well he carried himself on and off the field, showing fans that he was more than just a ball player.

And he loves us right back. Now, according to Carrie Muskat on Twitter, Grandpa Rossy could return to the team with a fresh job title. What was included in her Tweet was, “special assistant to the GM” — which is Jed Hoyer.

Surely, if this does happen, the rest of that clubhouse that hoisted him onto their shoulders in the picture above will be thrilled. First baseman Anthony Rizzo cried while introducing Ross during the victory parade.

That shows you how much he meant to the younger guys on the team. He was more than just a teammate, he was a father figure and a brother. A mentor that is going to be approached for some much needed advice.

For example, and sticking with Rizzo’s emotional trip, in Game 7 of the World Series. Rizzo stated that he was in a glass case of emotion and Ross had a few words of wisdom for him. Just a few innings later, they were celebrating as champions.

Hopefully, they will continue to celebrate together as members of the same organization. And no, that’s not a hint or prediction that Anthony Rizzo is going to be traded. You would have to be crazy to think that.

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