Chicago Cubs News: A letter to Falcons’ fans; Coghlan signs with Phillies

Chicago Cubs fans have a pretty good idea what many Atlanta Falcons fans are feeling this weekend. The Cubs had won before, but most of us weren’t alive to see it. So we offer up a little advice to make it through Super Bowl Sunday.

To be the best, you often times have to beat the best. The Chicago Cubs had to go through the San Francisco Giants who had the “even-year” destiny on their side, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians. Say what you will, but those were all quality teams that could have been World Series Champions this year. So for the Falcons–who are yet to win the Super Bowl–it’s fitting they should have to face the New England Patriots. We offer up what little advice we can as the whole thing was pretty new to us as well.

It has been a heck of a ride for Chris Coghlan. Once a Rookie of the Year, he seemed to only find success in one place—Chicago. After a solid 2015, the outfield situation didn’t have a spot for Coghlan and he headed to the A’s. After the Cubs outfield had some hiccups in 2016, he was brought back to Chicago and once again seemed to be reenergized. Unless something changes–I like you Chris, but let’s hope not–Coghlan has moved on by signing a minor-league pact with the Phillies. I think many Cubs fans wish the best for him in Philly.

The Cubs haven’t been known for their pitching prospects in recent seasons, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any good ones. With so many quality positional players making their way through the system, players like Duane Underwood can be overlooked. But with another strong campaign, it’s going to be hard to ignore him.

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