Little Cubs fan switches baseballs before throwing back Mets HR ball

When at a baseball game, it’s customary to send a home run ball back where it came from when hit by the visiting team. As hard as that is to do, giving up a free, memorable souvenir, it’s somewhat of a (soft) rule — depending on the park.

In the seventh inning of Monday night’s New York Mets-Chicago Cubs game, Wilmer Flores hit a solo shot to left-center where a young fan was sitting in the front row. The little Cubs fan knew exactly what to do after catching the home run ball: throw it back. And so he did.

But wait. Let’s rewind a bit. Did he actually throw back the same ball that he caught? It turns out the answer is no thanks to some helpful fans around him — likely his family.

Sneaky Cubs fans. But can you blame them? Throwing back a game ball is tough, especially when you’re a youngster.