Chicago Cubs: Maddon outshined by Roberts for Manager of the Year

Major League Baseball is handing out yearly awards and so far, the Chicago Cubs are killing it. A few members of their roster have won some awards and still have a few left on the board.

Even skipper Joe Maddon was up for his second N.L. Manager of the Year. Last year, he led the Chicago Cubs to the National League Championship Series with 97 wins. Jumping from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Windy City gave this team the leader they needed.

Life has been great for Maddon and the Cubs, ending 2015 with the third best record in all of baseball. Only to turn around, win 103 games, the N.L. pennant, and the World Series. Thus ending the 108-year drought that has made the lives of Cubs’ fans miserable.

Having that weight lifted off their shoulders has opened the door to a possible dynasty. Will they be able to repeat next year? Maybe, maybe not. What we do know is that this club is going to compete for the next 10-plus years.

Now, after Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward, Theo Epstein, and Anthony Rizzo brought home awards, it was Maddon’s time to shine. He was pitted up against some solid competition in Dusty Baker and Dave Roberts.

Baker, Chicago’s former manager, led the Washington Nationals to the postseason. They were eliminated by Roberts and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both men were in their first year.

First Time’s A Charm

The fact that both men were in the hunt for Manager of the Year alongside Maddon is rather impressive. Baker is no stranger to winning this honor having done so in 1993, 1997, and 2000 with the San Francisco Giants.

The 1977 NLCS MVP later moved onto the Chicago Cubs where he lasted three seasons. As for Dave Roberts, this was his first year as a manager in general. No previous experience but that didn’t stop him from emerging as one of the best skippers in the league.

Major League Baseball’s official Twitter handle congratulated Roberts on winning his first Manager of the Year award. For Maddon and Baker, the two men combined for six and were going for their fourth.

Roberts led the Dodgers to a division title and were close to eliminating the Chicago Cubs from the LCS. He’ll likely be a candidate to repeat in 2017 as the Dodgers look to win their first World Series since 1988.

On the American League side of the fence, Terry Francona was named Manager of the Year — which isn’t a shocker. Francona was undefeated in the World Series until the Cubs took four from the Cleveland Indians. Terry is a future first ballot Hall of Fame skipper who helped the Boston Red Sox win a few championships.

Maddon losing to Roberts doesn’t take away anything that he has done this past season. I personally thought he was going to win. But, you can’t win them all. Either way, huge props to the six finalists and winners.

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