Amazing elderly Cubs fan plans to celebrate the World Series with Jagermeister

Dorothy, a lovely elderly Chicago Cubs fan, bought her tickets in the front row at Wrigley Field in 1984.

She's been sitting there ever since, rooting on “my Cubbies,” and was there Saturday night when the Cubs beat the Dodgers in Game 6 of the NLCS to win the pennant.

Ken Rosenthal caught up with Dorothy after the Cubs win and asked her what seeing this moment in person means to her.

“I just wish my brothers were alive to see this. I had a brother killed in the war, and another brother prisoner in Germany for 21 months and two other brothers overseas — and they loved the Cubs. And my father did, too, but they're all dead now. This old lady is still livin'.”

Dorothy was then asked how she will celebrate Saturday night and said, “Oh, who knows — I'll probably have a Jagermeister.”

Incredible. Dorothy, you are an American treasure and hero.

Enjoy the interview above.