The good news is Lester knows he has a problem, trying to fix it

Jon Lester might not want to talk about his pick-off problem, but the good news is he knows he has a problem and is working to correct it.

The Chicago Cubs lefty had the issue shift back into the spotlight in his last start when he committed an error on a pickoff to first. Of his only three throws to first this season, two have been off-target.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon knows a pitcher has to be able to throw to first on occasion, and especially a lefty, who should hold an advantage against a base runner at first. However, Lester has allowed 35 stolen bases, most in the majors.

Lester was seen on Tuesday working on his move in anticipation of Wednesday’s start.

"We have to keep working through it,” Maddon told reporters. “I want to believe what you just saw out there he’s going to do exactly the same thing in a game as he continues to move forward. If he does it just once successfully like that, I think you’re going to see it more often.”

Lester has had an up-and-down season, but for the last month and a half, he’s pitched quite well. Now if he can only get that pickoff move corrected, everybody in Cubs pinstripes will breath a little easier.

(h/t ESPN