Chicago Cubs: It has been an eventful week for the World Champions

Today marks a week since the Chicago Cubs put an end to their championship drought. Since then, several members of the team have been scattered across the country. Winning it all meant a ton of media attention.

And, it’s not like they weren’t receiving attention, to begin with. They entered the 2016 campaign as World Series favorites. Not to mention, first baseman Anthony Rizzo said back in 2015 that they were going to dethrone the Cardinals.

No, they didn’t win the N.L. Central in 2015 but they did, however, eliminate them from the postseason. Fast forward a year later and they finally manage to pull the division out from under the Cardinals.

So, a week has passed. We all know where we were when Kris Bryant fired over to Anthony Rizzo for the final out. At least, most of us do since a good chunk of our fanbase were more than likely intoxicated.

Which, hey, is fair considering the circumstance. Having the Chicago Cubs play in the World Series doesn’t happen every year. Why not enjoy yourself, right?

Anyway, since the Cubs ended the drought and returned to Chicago for their victory parade, members of the team have become busy. From David Ross to Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, just to name a few.

Primetime Appearance

Over the weekend, Ross, Fowler, and Rizzo (along with Bill Murray) made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Now, I won’t link to one of their scenes because of how inappropriate it may be to certain individuals.

We love you, Grandpa Rossy, Dex, and Rizz but there won’t be any twerking on this website. The fact that they were invited out to SNL was huge. Millions of people tune into that historic show which once had a few Chicago-native comedians as a part of its cast.

And mentioned above, Murray made his return. In their final skit, they stood by Murray and sang Go Cubs Go. All three men stood by Dr. Strange actor, Benedict Cumberbatch as the show came to a close.

Late Night Talk Show

Well, you can’t include Ellen in this category but Ross and Bryant showed up on Ellen. Ross received a walker made of baseball bats, balls, and a custom Cubs theme with his name and number.

With Bryant expected to be married in January, Ellen presented Kris with a Chicago Cubs jersey/tuxedo to wear. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

The soon-to-be National League MVP also made a pitstop to meet up with Jimmy Kimmel on his show. He even met the infamous crying Cubs fan who got to sit next to him on stage. Meanwhile, Ben Zobrist, Fowler, and Rizzo — who were in New York — got to visit with Boston Red Sox fan, Jimmy Fallon.

We’re Going To Disney?!

Yes, a few members of the World Series team participate in another parade. Just like in Chicago, they were surrounded by a sea of Cubs fans. Javier Baez, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist waved at excited fans while Mickey Mouse and Goofy followed.

Each member took part in interviews and talked to fans who attended the magical parade. Who wouldn’t want to go to Disney Land?

There you have it. A week of being World Champions and still, everyone is on top of the world. With the offseason officially underway, the Cubs will rest up and possibly recruit during the Winter Meetings.

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