Reports: Cubs’ Stewart in trouble

Chicago Cubs minor league infielder Ian Stewart faces a fine and possible suspension for negative comments on Twitter about the organization, according to

"What he did was really unprofessional and there are going to be consequences," Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday

Stewart, 28, played Monday night for Triple-A Iowa. After the game, Stewart went on a Twitter tirade after a fan asked him if there was "any word when you’re heading back to Chicago." Stewart replied: "Probably never."

Another person responded that Stewart should quit baseball, prompting the response: "Why should I quit? I’m making 2 mill in AAA like u would give that up by quitting"

(The Cubs signed Stewart to a one-year, $2 million contract last December.)

Stewart didn’t stop there:

Asked if he would be called up if Luis Valbuena went on the DL, Stewart tweeted: "I honestly believe if Valbuena were to get hurt cubs wouldn’t cal me back up just MHO"

Then he added: "I said that because the cubs are done with me … there going to let me rott in AAA all season and then non tender me after."

He tweeted that the club "might as well release" him so he could sign with another team, tweeting about Cubs manager Dale Sveum: "I think dale doesn’t like me and he’s running the show."

Stewart was traded to the Cubs from the Rockies in 2011.