Chicago Cubs: Don’t expect Dexter Fowler to return to the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are spending their offseason known as World Series champions. Pieces of their championship team are likely to move on and one spot has already been filled.

When the Chicago Cubs went out and traded for Dexter Fowler, we all knew how much better that outfield was going to be. And we were right. Fowler took off, helping the Cubs reach the National League Championship Series.

Dexter quickly became one of the most beloved Cubs players in franchise history. Honestly, how can you not love that smile? Fowler is a class act and made business decisions that worked out perfectly for both sides.

Sure, it took him awhile to sign the Cubs following the 2015 campaign. But the important thing is that he returned to finish what he helped start.

Only this time around, it appears that his time with the Chicago Cubs has officially come to an end. As much as it hurts to say that.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Jed Hoyer said that Albert Almora Jr. is the man that they see (Cubs) being their center fielder of the future. And they signed Jon Jay to a one-year deal.

Which is understandable when it comes to Almora. You can’t expect Fowler to continue to return on one-year deals and keep Almora on the outside looking in.

At some point, this team is going to get younger at the position. That time is definitely now with Fowler testing the market.

It’s All Business

As we all know, professional sports is a business. At the end of the day, you’re going to want to do what you need to in order to receive what you think you deserve. Fowler is going to do just that as he’s looking for a multi-year deal with some big money behind it.

However, Hoyer said, “We would never close the door on a reunion with Dexter. He’s always welcome here. He’s a guy that’s living in Cubs lore for a long time. We would love to have him back, but we know how the business works, and that’s not something we’d necessarily count on.”, he told reporters.

Hoyer knows that Fowler is not going to return to the Cubs. Which is fine. Like I said, Fowler deserves good money and a few years, something that the Chicago Cubs do not have. Years, that is.

Also, Hoyer noted that Almora will get the majority of the playing time out in center field depending on his performance. Allowing Joe Maddon to have multiple options at the position, right out of the gate is going to be interesting to see.

We all know how many times Joe shifted his lineup. And it looks like someone else is going to be auditioning for the lead-off spot. A spot in that lineup that is going to be difficult to fill considering how well Fowler performed.

The Cubs won a ton of games when he got things going and homered in his final game as a member of the team. That deep drive to center field helped lead the way to their first World Series title in over 100 years.

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