Union could file grievance over Cubs’ demotion of Bryant

What’s next in the Kris Bryant saga, now that the Chicago Cubs have sent the spring sensation to Triple-A?

The Major League Baseball Players Association could file a grievance, to be settled by a jointly appointed arbitrator, based on the union’s reference to "litigation" in a statement the MLBPA issued shortly after Bryant’s demotion Monday.

Bryant’s agent, Scott Boras, would not say Tuesday whether the union will file a grievance. But in a telephone interview with FOX Sports, he offered a preview of one argument MLBPA officials could make before an arbitrator.

"Teams are prohibited from assigning players to the minor leagues solely for the purposes of service time manipulation," Boras said. "To do so is acting in bad faith and therefore constitutes a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. There’s no provision in the CBA which grants clubs the unilateral and unrestricted right to set their rosters without regard for the good faith and fair dealing provisions of the CBA.

"In other words, roster decisions are subject to the grievance procedure. … That is why the union raised the issue of litigation."

When asked if he believes there is evidence the Cubs have acted in bad faith, Boras answered, "That is a matter for the union to review, once they’ve looked at all the facts."