Chicago Cubs: Cubs make offer to Travis Wood, per report

Maybe the Chicago Cubs didn’t want to wait till Spring Training. The Cubs have made an offer to Travis Wood, but it would be in the same role he held last year. Even with a spot open in the rotation, the Cubs would want him in the swingman role again.

After having a little bit of fun that the Chicago Cubs might try to pull another “surprise” in Mesa, it appears the team didn’t want to wait that long. The Cubs have made an offer to Travis Wood, and join the Padres and two other teams in the mix for his services.

After suggesting the Cubs could wait till Spring Training to bring Wood back, it looks like they’ve squashed my plans for that. But the offer to Wood is a good sign for the Cubs and the fans. Many like the attitude and versatility Wood brings, and he and Anthony Rizzo are the “elders” of the team that has seen the losing seasons all the way to the World Series.

As I said previously, it may come down to Wood’s willingness to remain in the bullpen over a move to a rotation. The Cubs would love to have him back in the mix, especially if Mike Montgomery does happen to seize that final rotation spot. Having him as a lefty specialist would be good, but the Cubs hope his struggles against right-handers last year aren’t the new standard.

The Cubs pitchers and catchers will report to camp in just two days. Will Wood be the Cubs’ “valentine” and be there for the start of Spring Training?

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