Chicago Cubs: Bears, Soldier Field play “Go Cubs Go” following win

On Sunday, the Chicago Cubs kept their season alive as they defeated the Cleveland Indians. As a result, the World Series returns to Progressive Field for Game 6 and hopefully, Game 7. Meanwhile, the Windy City continued to show love.

This past Saturday had Chicago Cubs fans nervous. Chewing at their fingernails as Corey Kluber and the Indians jumped to a series commanding 3-1. After battling through the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland has made life difficult.

But the spirit is still alive and well for those who represent this marvelous city. For instance, the Chicago Blackhawks wore Chicago Cubs jerseys during a travel day. Now, I don’t watch hockey but that’s pretty cool.

Supporting local sports teams is a given — especially for professional athletes. A united city is a strong city that is not to be messed with. At all.

So once it was the Chicago Bears turn to show some love, they didn’t disappoint. Entering Monday with an important game against division rival, Minnesota Vikings, marked the return of starting quarterback Jay Cutler.

Personally, I love Cutler as a quarterback but I’m aware that he has a group of people who absolutely despise him. However, he’s our quarterback so you might as well get over it. Not going anyway.

Anyway, Cutler and the Bears rolled over the Minnesota Vikings and their No. 1 defense. Cruising to an impressive 20-10 win while Cutler threw for over 240 yards and a touchdown pass.

Remember Forte?

One player who has stood out this year is rookie running back, Jordan Howard. Howard was slated as the backup to Jeremy Langford, who took over for Matt Forte. Forte signed with the New York Jets, opening the door for younger backs to fill the void.

Langford ended up getting hurt, leading the way for Howard to step up. And that’s exactly what the young rookie did. Last night, Howard rushed for 150 yards and tallied a total of 202 yards of offense behind 49 receptions and a touchdown to go with it.

Once the game ended, a familiar tune began to play over the P.A. system. A song that is familiar to Cubs fans all around the world, or mainly Wrigleyville. Moments after the game wrapped, Go Cubs Go echoed throughout the stadium and city.

A fan even brought a W flag and draped it over the railing. In a sea of jerseys and Halloween costumes, Cubs merchandise was scattered all over Soldier Field. Gotta love the support that this team has received over the past few weeks.

The good thing about it? This won’t be the only time it will happen. Game 6 later on tonight as Jake Arrieta squares off against Josh Tomlin. Let’s continue this train, force a Game 7 and take it from there.

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