Chicago Cubs: Anthony Rizzo continues to inspire us to be better

The Chicago Cubs are not only a baseball team but a family. This club has helped provide a distraction for a city that has been at war with itself. And men who represent this organization continue to inspire us, as people.

Humans are far from perfect. In some way, shape or form, someone is going to do something that will shake another families life. For Chicago Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo, he’s out to help patch the wounds of one kid.

But before we get to that, Anthony has touched the lives of thousands of sick children across the country. Mainly, in the cities of Chicago and Boston, visiting children who are currently battling cancer.

The same goes for Jon Lester, someone who met with Rizzo long before he came bursting onto the Major League Baseball scene.

Two World Series champions who made history last November, each found themselves in one of the most difficult obstacles that life has to offer. At the time, Rizzo’s Grandmother was sick and currently undergoing treatment for her cancer.

Fast forward a few years and Anthony is shoving a baseball into his back pocket and rushing to his teammates. Hugging and celebrating, pointing to the sky after winning the World Series, erasing a 3-1 Cleveland Indians series lead.

Misery and fear

Not only did it put an end to 108-years of misery but went down as the greatest championship game ever played. Sorry, New England Patriots.

Now, back to what we are all here for. It was reported that a young Elgin boy was attacked by a fellow classmate. The attack resulted in 12-year-old Henry Sembdner being placed in a medically induced coma.

What happened to Henry was tragic and should never happen to anyone. Especially kids who should feel safe when they’re at school. After receiving word on what happened to Henry, Rizzo took to Twitter with a special message.

A tweet directed to the 12-year-old Cubs fan saying, “Heard you are a big fan Henry. When you are better I have a couple tickets and BP passes waiting for you at Wrigley. ” — well done, Rizzo.

Following Rizzo’s tweet, those who attended the same school as Henry, including the staff, chose to wear Chicago Cubs gear to show support. Anthony has retweeted a handful of pictures of those wearing Cubbie blue in honor of Henry.

Here are a few:

As I said before, this is a family. Our thoughts are with Henry and his entire family.

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