This week’s bowtie represents … Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Ken will represent Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation by wearing this bowtie at Saturday's Pirates-Reds game.

What it means: After pioneering work to end pediatric AIDS in the United States, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is helping mothers, clinics and nations end the threat of AIDS to children worldwide. The number of children born with HIV infections around the world has been cut in half – and EGPAF can get that number to zero. EGPAF was introduced to the BowTie Cause through its founder and EGPAF supporter Dhani Jones. Dhani has since been an advocate and friend of the organization since 2011. Before losing her battle with AIDS in 1988, Elizabeth Glaser’s daughter Ariel painted how she envisioned the world. The BowTie design (and EGPAF logo) is inspired by Ariel’s painting, which represents hope for children everywhere.