After cursing Indians, Charlie Sheen hints at throwing out first pitch before Game 7

(Image via YouTube)

The Cleveland Indians are making Wild Thing's heart sting.

Charlie Sheen desperately wants to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before a World Series game in Cleveland. He believes that much is owed to him because he portrayed an unhinged fictional Indians player (Ricky Vaughn) in a couple of Major League movies over 20 years ago.

Let's just go ahead and say it: Charlie Sheen doesn't have a whole lot else going for him these days. He needs this.

But through the first three Cleveland home games in the series, Sheen received no such call. This seemed to irk him. During Tuesday night's Game 6 in Cleveland, as the Indians were getting their doors blown off by the Cubs, the actor tweeted the following:

First of all, it's important to point out that only a mad man would continuously tweet with this kind of spacing.

But, yes, it appears Sheen used a picture of goats at Progressive Field to hint at cursing the Indians in favor of the Cubs. This is to say that if the team didn't take a final opportunity to enlist his services prior to the decisive Game 7 on Wednesday night, it won't be #winning the World Series.

Is it possible that such a threat struck enough fear into the hearts of the team's shot-callers that they decided to phone the Wild Thing? This picture tweeted by Sheen on Wednesday morning seems to hint as much:

What could go wrong?