Carlos Beltran’s wife suffers miscarriage of couple’s unborn son

Carlos Beltran spent the beginning of this week away from the Yankees to be with his wife after her miscarriage.

Kim Klement/Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With their playoff hopes fading, the Yankees this week received a sobering reminder that, regardless of how things are going on the field, nothing on the field is as important as life off of it.

On Wednesday afternoon, New York manager Joe Girardi announced outfielder Carlos Beltran had been excused from the team (in Tampa Bay to play the Rays) to deal with a family issue back in New York City, and that Beltran could "take as much time as he needs."

Beltran also missed Tuesday’s game in Tampa.

Later Wednesday, Beltran revealed in a Facebook post that he was with his wife Jessica after she lost their unborn son to miscarriage.

While Girardi would not give an indication Wednesday night as to when Beltran may return to the club, The Associated Press reported that Beltran was back with the team and in the clubhouse as the Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 at Yankee Stadium.

Derek Jeter told that he spoke with Beltran on Wednesday.

"It puts things in perspective," Jeter said. "We’re here, playing a game, and we’re trying to win games. But the bottom line, family is much more important than anything that happens on a baseball field. Your thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family but that’s terrible and I feel bad for him. He should take as much time as he needs. I don’t know how much time that’s going to be but he should. I can’t imagine how he feels. It puts things in perspective. We sit here and we talk about guys struggling and people being frustrated and teams losing. But when something like that happens, you pretty much forget about the game."

The Beltrans have two daughters.