Buehrle, Guillen ejected for arguing balks

White Sox starter Mark Buehrle and manager Ozzie Guillen have

been ejected in Chicago’s series finale against the Cleveland

Indians for arguing two balk calls.

Guillen was tossed in the second inning Wednesday by first-base

umpire Joe West, who moments earlier called the first balk against

Buehrle. The left-hander protested the call and had words with West

before Guillen came out to defend his pitcher.

West then threw out Guillen, who dropped his sunglasses and

lineup card on the track as he left the field.

In the third, Buehrle was called for a second balk by West and

slammed his glove to the ground before he was thrown out. Buehrle

had to be restrained by several teammates and bench coach Joey

Cora. He was replaced by Randy Williams.