Brian McCann: Breaking Down a Potential Astros Trade

Speculation of what a Brian McCann to Houston trade would look like.

After a few weeks of teasing you, let’s go ahead and break down a potential trade between the Yankees and the Astros. Even though this writer is an Astros fan, I will try to write as fair as possible on both sides. You have to give up talent to get talent, but how much will it take to acquire catcher Brian McCann from Yankees? It’s hard to imagine that both sides are working on a deal as we speak.

With Jason Castro leaving, the Astros are not only losing an everyday catcher but also a left-handed hitter in the lineup. While Castro wasn’t great offensively, there were times that he could contribute. Evan Gattis has also shown that he could pick up some of the slack, but you need a primary catcher so Gattis can DH too.

While many people are down on McCann potentially coming to the Astros, what other options do you have? Wilson Ramos may miss first month(s), and Matt Wieters has struggled with consistency. You could trade for Stephen Vogt or sign Wilton Rosario who hasn’t played in the MLB for a couple of years. You could also re-sign Castro, but make sure you don’t get in a bidding war over him.

Why are Yankees trading McCann?

The Yankees now have boy wonder Gary Sanchez as the everyday catcher, who finished second in the AL for Rookie of the Year. Why pay McCann $49 million over the next three years, only $34 million guaranteed, when Sanchez is cheaper? Why would the Astros want him? He will bring a veteran presence, a left-handed power, and a leader. His swing is made for Minute Maid Park, plus he will hit a few in the Crawford boxes.

The Yankees are trying to get as many prospects and pay the least of McCann’s salary. While the Astros want the opposite, so how do the two sides come to an agreement? If both sides want the deal to get done, it will take compromise. On Sunday’s Talking, we created a framework of a deal. The Yankees would probably want an MLB ready player and possibly two other prospects.

Here is what we figured out on Talking Stros.

Yankees get

Teoscar Hernandez (of)

Colin Moran (3b)

Albert Abreu

Astros get

Brian McCann

$17 million

Moran doesn’t have much of a future with the Astros with the depth of corner infielders. The Yankees are desperate for a third baseman and he fits what they had in Chase Headly. They get a major league ready Hernandez and a strong pitching prospect in Abreu. While the names could change, this could be what a deal looks like.

McCann would be the catcher until Garrett Stubbs or Jake Rodgers is ready to take over. McCann’s batting average may not be high over the past few years, but he is a consistent 20 homer type of catcher. What he could bring to the Astros clubhouse beyond the field, he will be the leader this young team needs.

How would you modify this trade?

***Stats from Baseball-Reference***

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