Brian Cashman used his Yankees World Series ring to shut down an A-Rod question

Alex Rodriguez said goodbye to the New York Yankees on Sunday, as the team announced it will release him after he plays one more game in the Bronx on Friday.

Rodriguez spoke with FOX Sports and revealed how everything went down with the Yankees, and now we can start to think about his baseball legacy, which will forever be complicated, because he’s one of the greatest talents to ever play who also used steroids. A-Rod admitted to using PEDs from 2001 to 2003 and sat out all of 2014 due to a steroid suspension. It’s impossible to separate those two things.

During the press conference Sunday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman was asked a pointed question about how A-Rod should be remembered — as one of the best ever or a cheater — and deftly dodged it, instead taking the 2009 World Series ring off his finger and laying it on the table in front of reporters. He then responded with this (watch the video above).