Brewers’ Lucroy frustrated with fans’ skepticism

As if breaking his right hand wasn’t bad enough, Milwaukee

Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy now is getting frustrated with fans

second-guessing his explanation of how he got hurt – and even

bothering his wife with negative comments on social media.

Lucroy broke the fifth metacarpal in his right hand, a freak

injury that he said happened Sunday night in his hotel room when he

was reaching under the bed for a sock while his wife, Sarah,

shifted a suitcase that fell and struck his hand. He had surgery

Thursday and is expected to miss approximately six weeks.

The freak nature of the injury has led to skepticism among some


”I can’t do anything about it,” Lucroy said before Friday

night’s game against Pittsburgh. ”What am I going to do? It’s over

with and done with and if they question it, that’s fine. I guess

that’s their right. I really don’t care. I have a broken hand. I’m

the one that’s suffering here. I’m the one that’s having a hard

time, besides the team.”

In an interview with Milwaukee radio station WSSP 1250 earlier

this week, Lucroy said his wife has been receiving negative

comments from fans via Facebook. Lucroy said Friday that that’s way

out of bounds – or, at least, they should be.

”It doesn’t make me very happy,” Lucroy said. ”If people were

in my situation or in my shoes, I think they would be thinking a

lot different about the whole situation. I think it’s they would

view it a lot different. And I think that’s the hardest thing.

Obviously, it’s human nature to question it, I understand that. But

you don’t take it to the level of bashing someone’s wife or

entering their personal space. That’s just off limits.”

Lucroy said he fought the temptation to write back to them,

saying he’s not going to drop down to their level. He said his

wife’s feelings were hurt by the comments, but he told her she

can’t take it too seriously.

”I guess that’s people’s prerogative,” Lucroy said. ”If they

want to do that, they can do that. That’s fine if they feel better

about themselves for doing that. Whatever. But me, I’m not worried

about it, I’m just trying to heal up and get back on the field and

help this team win.”

The injury interrupted a stellar season for Lucroy, who is

batting .345 with five home runs and 30 RBIs.

Lucroy said he was happy to see the Brewers complete a four-game

sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers this week, the team’s longest

winning streak this season.

”The guys, they rebounded and had a good series,” Lucroy said.

”That’s the biggest thing I was worried about. Obviously that

shows the character of this team.”