Two pitchers get gloves knocked off by line drives in the same game

Different inning, similar story on Monday for Atlanta Braves starter John Gant and Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

In the top of the first inning, the Indians’ Mike Napoli sent a hard line drive right over Gant’s head. As Gant tried to make a play on it, the liner took the glove right off his hand:

Sometimes, pitching is like standing in front of a firing squad. That was illustrated again in the ninth inning when the Braves’ Jace Peterson drove the ball back at Chamberlain, who lost his glove when trying to catch it.

Chamberlain was able to slow the ball enough (almost too much) for second baseman Jason Kipnis to make a play on it.

Just keep stabbing at that ball and eventually it finds its way into the glove.