Braves 3B Chipper Jones scratched with bad back

Chipper Jones took to Twitter to tell his fans that his bed in a

New York hotel has caused his back to tighten up.

He wasn’t kidding.

Jones was scratched from the Atlanta Braves’ starting lineup

Friday night against the New York Mets.

The eight-time All-Star said that his back has gone bad in New

York three or four times over his 19-year career. He hopes to play


”I very seldom have back problems. It just seems like whenever

I’m up here – and sometimes I don’t have a problem at all,” Jones

said. ”Maybe it was just the off day laying around.”

Atlanta originally had Jones in the lineup but replaced him at

third base with Juan Francisco. Manager Fredi Gonzalez could have

saved his eraser some time by checking Twitter.

Jones took to the social media platform Thursday during the

Braves’ off day to complain about his room’s air conditioning, TV

and bed at the Grand Hyatt New York.

”The movie channels dont work and the beds make my back spasm

up! Am i complaining too much? Im sorry, gotta vent to someone.

Love yall!!!” Jones tweeted.

He then tweeted that a hotel employee came to his room very

quickly, wanting to fix the TV. On Friday he said he didn’t let

that person in.

”After the tweet went out I wasn’t letting anybody in my

room,” Jones said.

New to the instant-response social media platform, Jones

marveled at the benefits of the modern form of communication. He

tweeted a congratulation to Jamie Gray for winning gold in women’s

50-meter three-position rifle at the Olympics. Now he’s going to

get a free shooting lesson.

One thing he hasn’t tweeted was a request for a room change.

”It might be something that I’ll consider,” said Jones, who’s

made only 31 tweets but already has over 100,000 followers.

Jones has one more series in New York – Sept. 7-9 – before he

retires at the end of the season. He has had some of his greatest

successes on the road against the Mets despite the issues with his

back and feeling uncomfortable in the big city for much of his


His 19 homers at Shea Stadium are his most at any visiting

ballpark and he’s added three more since Citi Field opened in 2009.

He has a combined 68 RBIs between the Mets’ two ballparks, also the

most away from home. His greatest testament to playing in New York,

though, may be that he named one of his children Shea.

The 40 year old from Florida even says he feels comfortable

walking the streets of Manhattan after all these years.

”I’m a small-town kid, so big cities used to intimidate me a

lot,” Jones said. ”I love coming to New York now. I look forward

to each and every trip. Early in my career, the Mets, the Yankees,

everybody affiliated with New York was our enemies. … The people

have been great over the last couple of years.”