Boston’s Varitek, Papelbon tossed in ninth inning

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek and closer Jonathan Papelbon have

been ejected in the ninth inning after Boston blew a four-run lead

against Oakland.

Varitek was the first to go, saying something to home plate

umpire Tony Randazzo after Cliff Pennington doubled to left to pull

the A’s to 7-5 with one out.

Pinch-hitter Conor Jackson followed with a two-run single and

Papelbon also crossed Randazzo, saying something as he turned on

the mound toward center field.

Randazzo took off his mask and replied, then Papelbon turned

around and stormed toward the umpire, pointing aggressively as

Randazzo signaled the ejection.

Manager Terry Francona charged out of the dugout, but didn’t

reach Papelbon before he bumped Randazzo with his chest at the