Boston Red Sox: Travis Shaw to get more playing time in the outfield

With Yoan Moncada now the everyday third basemen, Travis Shaw needs to find a new way to help the Boston Red Sox make it into the postseason.

Earlier this week, the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball, Yoan Moncada was called up to the big leagues. The front office made this decision in hopes that Moncada will be the spark that puts the Boston Red Sox into the playoffs.

Now with Moncada making a pretty good impression in his first three starts at third base, people have to wonder what will happen to the former Opening Day third baseman, Travis Shaw.’s Ian Browne reported that Shaw will be getting more action in the outfield due to Moncada’s recent success.

When Shaw was asked about the situation, he obviously wasn’t pleased, but who would be?

“It was news to me yesterday,” said Shaw. “Last couple days me and [outfield instructor] Ruben [Amaro] have gone out there early and it seems like at third base, there’s not going to be much playing time there the rest of the year.”

But even with his starting position being taken, he answered all of the questions professionally.

“So I’ll try to find another way in there and I’m going to focus pretty much all my attention on left field from here on out and kind of see. I don’t know what their plan is, but I’m going to make sure I’m adequate enough out there.”

Later, manger John Farrell was also asked if Shaw was going to get much playing time now that Moncada is the everyday third baseman.

“I’m trying to find a way to get Travis Shaw on the field,” said Farrell. “We’ve got some early work going in left field to get his bat and keep it in the mix. Travis could find himself in left field here Wednesday. Wouldn’t rule that out.”

But if you were Shaw, wouldn’t you be happy that you are still on the team?

In the first month of the season, Shaw was one of the hottest hitters in baseball. At the time, he was being looked at as a potential All-Star. Now, the coach is simply trying to find him some playing time.

August was the worst month for Shaw’s young career where he had a slash of .167/.250/.292. Not the numbers you want to see from an everyday player, especially when you are in the hunt to make the postseason.

Shaw has some work to do to say the least. His starting job was taken away from him so he should have a chip on his shoulder.

When we get further into the last month of the regular season, it will be interesting to watch how much playing time Shaw gets. With Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Chris Young, Brock Holt, and eventually Andrew Benintendi ahead of him in the outfield depth chart, you may not see a lot of Travis Shaw for the remainder of the season.

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