Boston Red Sox Showing Interest in Trevor Plouffe

The Boston Red Sox had one of the best offenses in baseball last season, but with Big Papi’s retirement, they’ll have to find other players to produce. Perhaps, Trevor Plouffe is one of them.

According to Boston Hearld’s Evan Drellich, the Boston Red Sox are showing interest in possibly signing free agent, third baseman Trevor Plouffe. The Red Sox are looking for Plouffe’s price range to drop before making him an offer.

Plouffe has a career .247 average, and last season he hit 12 home runs and knocked in 47 runs.

The Red Sox could utilize Plouffe by using him at third base, first base or designated hitter. Plouffe has played his entire career in a Minnesota Twins’ uniform. Coming off a bit of down year, which Plouffe only played in 84 games, a change of scenery could help the 30-year-old.

Boston signed free agent first baseman Mitch Moreland earlier in the offseason to a one-year deal worth 5.5 million dollars. They also have third baseman Pablo Sandoval returning from a missed season due to left shoulder surgery. The Red Sox could run a platoon with the three.

Plouffe’s WAR (wins above replacement) reached it’s highest amount in 2014 at 3.5, but as of last season, his WAR hit -0.4. His defensive WAR in 2016 was -8.4.

If the Red Sox choose to sign Plouffe, using him at DH is the ideal situation. Not only would they keep his -8.4 defensive WAR off the field, but it could also increase his offensive production. In a small sample size in 2016, Plouffe played seven games as a DH for the Twins. He hit .481 in those games.

Also, signing Plouffe gives the Red Sox insurance, just in case Sandoval doesn’t return to form in 2017. Plouffe’s numbers could possibly rise too in a more hitter-friendly ballpark. Fenway Park is a far better hitter’s park than Target Field.

If the Boston Red Sox can sign Plouffe to a one-year deal, for around 3 million dollars, they could very well end up with the steal of the offseason.

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