Red Sox grounds crew uses black sand to melt snow

The Boston Red Sox Director of Grounds David Mellor shared some pro-tips as to how his crew will melt the several feet of snow at Fenway Park.

Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Even with spring training games well underway, it’s hard to imagine that games will be played in Boston within a month. It’s tough to determine exactly how many feet of snow has piled on in Fenway Park, but it’s high enough to bury the right field fence. How will they manage to clear all that snow? I mean, look at this:


Luckily, the Director of Grounds David Mellor is up to the task. He shared a bit of insight as to how his crew will go about the seemingly impossible task.

Many people have contacted me recently asking options of how to remove snow off of a sports field and/or how we remove the snow at Fenway. Our first option to work on the snow is to throw black sand on top of the snow with a shovel. This is a less aggressive and a more grass friendly option than shoveling, plowing or loading the snow off the field. The black sand absorbs heat from the sun and even if the temperature is below 32 degrees as long as its sunny it will help melt the snow. Approx 2 Tons of black sand was thrown on top of the snow last week and reduced the snow depth approx 2-2.5 ft. A fresh lighter coating of a .5 ton of black sand was added on top of the fresh snow yesterday to take advantage of the upcoming week forecast of sunny days which will help reduce the snow depth even more. #FenwayPark #Fenway #BostonRedSox #redsox #BostonSnow #BoSnow #snow #Snowremoval #Boston #fbf #mlb

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That’s right. Two tons of black sand in one day. I’ve never met David Mellor, but I get the feeling that if anybody can clear the snow before Opening Day, it’s him.