David Ortiz on Jose Reyes allegations: ‘That’s not the Jose I know’

David Ortiz (left) with Jose Reyes in 2013. 

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Major League Baseball has placed Jose Reyes on paid leave while criminal proceedings in his domestic violence case play out, but the Rockies shortstop has a staunch defender in David Ortiz.

"I know Jose well. Jose is not a troublemaker. He’s a good guy,” the Red Sox designated hitter said, as reported by USA Today. "That’s not the Jose I know. He’s a good kid. But people are going crazy and want to judge him."

Reyes has pleaded not guilty regarding an offseason incident in Hawaii in which he allegedly grabbed his wife’s throat and pushed her into a sliding glass door.

"We’re not perfect. We all make mistakes. That’s no excuse, but people are judging him without knowing everything," Ortiz said. "It was something that got out of control, but only he and his wife know exactly what happened. People already are making a judgment on him.

"I just don’t think that’s fair. Give him a chance."

Ortiz also expressed sympathy for two other players allegedly involved in domestic violence, the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman and the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig.

"These are good guys, I feel so bad for them,” Ortiz said.

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