David Ortiz gets $300,000 after he was duped in fake jewelry scam

David Ortiz was awarded over $300,000 from a lawsuit over a fake jewelry scam. 

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

A man who tried to sell fake or low-quality jewelry to Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz was forced to pay a hefty sum by a Massachusetts judge on Monday.

According to The Boston Globe, Ortiz bought $127,000 worth of jewelry from Randy Hamida of Anaheim, Calif. only to find later that the jewels were of a much lower quality than what he was initially led to believe. But when Ortiz returned the jewelry to Hamida and asked for his money back, Hamida refused. So Ortiz filed a lawsuit against Hamida in 2014 and was vindicated by a court ruling Monday.

Judge Maynard M. Kirpalani ordered Hamida to pay $313,800 as well as interest and attorney fees to Ortiz after determining Hamida made "false representations" to the slugger "in order to induce Ortiz to pay amounts far in excess of their true value."

Ortiz, who is on a one-year, $16 million contract with the Red Sox, is known for wearing flashy jewelry both on and off the field, but even his love for jewelry and impressive bank account did not prevent him from getting duped. Ortiz’s lawyer, Jonathan M. Davidoff, told the Globe that this kind of problem plagues more people than just Ortiz.

Via The Boston Globe:

Mark this case as a lesson learned: anyone who attempts to sell fake jewelry to David Ortiz will have to pay for their crime.