Do BoSox overdo it with $100K drink?

So, Boston winning the World Series is a feel-good story, right?

Well, take this into consideration:

How much money are you going to make this year?

More or less than the $100,000 bottle of champagne the Red Sox and Big Papi are pictured with in their postgame clubhouse celebration after winning the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park on Wednesday night?

TMZ reports the big bottle of Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar champagne (in the picture above) costs between $100K-$150K in the club scene, though it retails for a tenth of that.

Now, we don’t know if Big Papi bought the bottle. Maybe the team did.

But as the economic divide gets wider in this country, is it OK for professional athletes to spill a bottle that cost more than most people will make in a single year?

Stay rich, Boston. Stay rich.