Bonifacio beats Marlins in salary arbitration

Emilio Bonifacio became the second player to defeat the Miami

Marlins in salary arbitration this year.

Bonifacio was awarded a $2.2 million salary by a three-person

panel on Wednesday rather than the Marlins’ offer of $1.95 million.

Arbitrators Steven Wolf, Mark Burstein and Sylvia Skratek made the

decision a day after hearing arguments.

Pitcher Anibal Sanchez beat the Marlins in a case decided Monday

and will make $8 million instead of the team’s $6.9 million


Bonifacio hit a team-high .296 last year with five homers, seven

triples, 36 RBIs and 40 steals in 51 tries. The

infielder-outfielder made $425,000.

Players and teams have split four decisions, with Washington

defeating John Lannan and Tampa Bay beating Jeff Niemann.