Angels still creating a buzz at home

A swarm of bees invaded Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., on

Sunday, causing two delays during the Angels’ 3-2 loss to the

Seattle Mariners.

The first delay came with two outs in the bottom of the third

inning, when the bees started swarming in right-center field. After

a 23-minute delay, the teams returned to the field, but in the

fourth inning the game was briefly delayed for a second time after

the bees returned.

It’s not especially uncommon for bees to turn up at

ballparks, but the Angels have been especially victimized by the

little pollen-suckers this season. In May, bees delayed the first

pitch of a home game against the Baltimore Orioles after they

accumulated behind home plate:

Then, later in May, the bees followed them on the road, keeping

the Angels out of their dugout in Kansas City until 90 minutes

before first pitch:

Last May, a swarm invaded a Rockies-Diamondbacks game at Coors


In 2010, they forced the Marlins to close off two sections of

their stadium during a game against the Nationals:

And in 2009, several thousand bees caused a 52-minute delay

during the ninth inning of a game in San Diego:

It’s interesting to note that there always seems to be a

beekeeper on hand when bees invade the ballpark. If I didn’t

know better, I’d say that was the calling GOB Bluth missed

out on: