Baltimore Orioles Still Have Interest in Michael Bourn

The Baltimore Orioles are still looking to add a speed element to their lineup and a solid glove to their outfield. Michael Bourn may be exactly what they need yet again.

Last year, the Baltimore Orioles were looking for a fourth outfielder for their push for the playoffs. Ideally, that player would have a bit of speed, and be a solid defensive presence in the later innings. They found that player in Michael Bourn, who they acquired in a trade from the Arizona Diamondbacks on August 31.

This season, the Orioles are, once again, looking for that same type of player. They need someone capable to putting pressure on the opposition once on base, and someone that can be a valuable defensive replacement in the later innings. In short, they are looking for Michael Bourn once again.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that the Orioles are still interested in bringing Bourn back to the fold. A free agent, Bourn had a combined .264/.314/.371 batting line, stealing 15 bases. During his 24 games in Baltimore, Bourn produced a .283/.358/.435 batting line, hitting two home runs and stealing two bases.

While Bourn may not be the same player he had been when he was a three time stolen base leader, he can still serve in a valuable role. The Orioles are without a true leadoff hitter, and the 34 year old can still get on base at a respectable rate. Although his speed has fallen off, Bourn can steal the occasional base.

Bourn also serves the role of a fourth outfielder well. Last year, he had at least 21 appearances in all three outfield positions, while displaying solid defense. That versatility could allow him to get into the lineup several times a week, and makes him all the more valuable as a defensive replacement.

With a possible platoons in left and right, Bourn could get a solid amount of playing time. Even if he is no longer an impact player, he still has enough left in the tank to be an asset for a team looking to contend. For the Orioles, he would certainly fill their needs.

The Baltimore Orioles have interest in bringing back Michael Bourn. He may no longer be an All Star caliber player, but he can still produce in the right situation.

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