Baltimore Orioles: Should the Orioles Resign Mark Trumbo? O’ Yeah!

Even though Mark Trumbo is one of the most expensive bats on the free agent market, the Baltimore Orioles should re-sign him.

*Cue Ryan Wagner, Orioles PA Announcer*

“Your Baltimore Orioles Opening Day Right Fielder, Mark Trumbo!”

Wait, am I having a flashback? Is it 2016? Nope, I just looked at the calendar and it is indeed 2017. Opening day is April 3rd, and yes I’ll be booing Jose Bautista from my section 67 seats.  Here’s the catch… Trumbo is a free agent, and the longer he remains one, the more likely he’s on this year’s roster.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Trumbo isn’t your everyday right fielder.  It also doesn’t take a “baseball expert” to know that this team (on paper) isn’t remotely as talented as it was last year.

This is looking more and more like the Chris Davis 2016 offseason and not the Nelson Cruz 2014 offseason. The market simply isn’t in Trumbo’s favor. Just like Davis, the Orioles essentially bidding against themselves. The combination of sacrificing a 1st round pick on top of Trumbo’s limited fielding skill set is unattractive to many NL teams.

The Orioles have had propensity to find big bats on the cheap during recent off-seasons. This offseason is different. GM Dan Duquette doesn’t have the luxury to go out and sign Mike Napoli, though I think he’d be a great fit for this team. He’s a first baseman who would be your everyday DH. There’s a guy named Trey Mancini chomping at the bit for a MLB roster spot and I think he’s going to earn it this year. He’s your spot 1B/DH when the “big fella” needs a day off.

If not Trumbo, then who? Do the O’s stay pat and not do anything to upgrade their roster? I don’t see that happening. Signing Trumbo wouldn’t be an “upgrade”, but then again who’s out there on the scrap heap? Chris Carter? Nope. He’s another first baseman / designated hitter.

How about re-signing Wieters? Why would the Orioles add another catcher to a multi-year deal with Chance Sisco 12-18 months from being Major League ready? I know Wieters did a lot for the Orioles, but signing a 30-year-old catcher who is off recent Tommy John surgery is absurd.

I know The O’s just traded for Seth Smith, and I think he’s going to stabilize the lineup by at least not striking out 190 times next year. He’ll hit .240 and he has a decent glove. That said, the team needs someone to rake 35 balls into the left field seats. Smith simply isn’t getting it done.

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Last year was certainly a breakout year for Trumbo. I’m not going to lie when I tried to make my inner Baltimore accent laden “TRUMBOOOOOO” every time he came to the plate. The guy is a fan favorite, and the longer he sits on the open market the more likely wearing orange and black on April 3rd.

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