Baltimore Orioles: Orioles mull over offering Matt Wieters a qualifying offer

The Baltimore Orioles will decide who will receive a qualifying offer after the 2016 World Series. But they’re a bit indecisive when it comes to giving catcher Matt Wieters the $17.2 Million option

The Baltimore Orioles have a few players heading to the free agent market. And if they want to receive a few draft picks in the 2017 draft, they might consider handing out a few qualifying offers. One of the players slated to hit the free agent market is catcher Matt Wieters. And if Wieters were to leave, the Orioles would have to scramble to find his replacement at the backstop next season.

Regardless, the Orioles are unsure whether to extend an offer to the All-Star catcher.

Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball reported the Orioles will factor in a few key details before they extend an offer. Major League Baseball wanted to make changes to the collective bargaining agreement, although it’s unknown if it will be in effect this offseason.

The new rules would prevent a player who previously had a qualifying offer to accept a

new one in back-to-back seasons. If the changes to the collective bargaining agreement don’t take place this offseason, it’s a possibility the Orioles will extend the offer.

Wieters had arguably the worst season of his career, hitting .243/.302/.409 n 464 plate appearances. Wieters accepted the qualifying offer last offseason, which was priced at $15.8 Million. If the Orioles were to extend a qualifying offer to Wieters, he would make $17.2 Million in his age 31 season.

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In the event the Orioles don’t extend a qualifying offer to Wieters, they could always look into the free agent and trade market for a new catcher. The Orioles currently have Caleb Joseph on the roster, and he could slide in as the No. 1 catcher. The Orioles could also sign a catcher like Nick Hundley or they could trade for a veteran catcher like Brian McCann.

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