Baltimore Orioles: Logan Verrett hopes to find role on Orioles roster

After Logan Verrett had a taste with the Baltimore Orioles as part of the Rule 5 Draft, he is here to stay following a trade with the New York Mets. Now Verrett hopes he can find his role with the team.

If the name Logan Verrett sounds familiar, it’s because the Baltimore Orioles recently acquired him in the Rule 5 Draft prior to the 2015 season. The Orioles had a choice to keep Verrett or right-hander Jason Garcia, and in the end they chose Garcia, sending Verrett back to the New York Mets.

However, the Mets and the Orioles made a trade earlier this offseason, the Orioles sending cash for Verrett. For the first time, the Orioles don’t have to give Verrett back to another team if they feel he’s not going to make the roster prior to the regular season.

However, the Orioles need starting pitching depth after they traded Yovani Gallardo to the Seattle Mariners last week. And that’s where Verrett could fit on the roster. Despite Verrett being considered for starting depth, Verrett’s best work came out of the bullpen, pitching to a 2.84 ERA in 31.2 innings.

Verrett said the following regarding his role with the Orioles this upcoming season:

“I don’t know if that’s the plan they have for me. I don’t know if they’re looking at me in that starting role or if they’re looking at me more in that long relief role, so it’s really, whatever they want me to do, take the ball and go do it. It’s kind of what I was doing with the Mets, that swingman back and forth. Whatever the case it, I’m going to try to do it to the best of my ability and help the team win some ballgames and get back to the postseason.”

As of right now, Verrett said he’s going to enter Spring Training as if he’s going to start. But that’s how most swingmen prepare for the upcoming season; it’s easier to cut back on innings than trying to build innings. But whether he’s a starter or a reliever, Verrett will be content with whatever role the Orioles give him.

“I think I can help this team. This team has a lot of heart and that’s something I noticed a couple years ago. I know it’s not the exact same players, but the core group of guys are still here. They’re guys who play with heart and play the game the right way. I think that’s where I fit in. I think I can help in a couple different ways, whether it’s starting or relieving. Long relief, short relief. Whatever Buck wants me to do, take the ball and go do it.”

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Regardless of the role Verrett will play with the Orioles, he’s just glad he’s with a team that he’s somewhat familiar with. Being familiar with the coaching staff could help him have a dominant season.

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