Baltimore’s Mark Trumbo struck out on a pitch that hit him

Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale has some filthy stuff on the mound and he’s a played a big role in the team’s hot start to 2016. On Sunday, he was absolutely dealing against the Baltimore Orioles, so much so that Mark Trumbo struck out and got hit by a pitch in the same at-bat.

How is that possible? Well, because Sale’s slider is so unhittable that Trumbo swung at a pitch, which also happened to hit him in the knee.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad swing by Trumbo. It’s more about the fact that Sale’s slider swept all the way across the plate from hittable to a ball that was way inside.

Sale is 6-0 this season with 38 strikeouts and a 1.66 ERA. Needless to say, he’s a candidate to win the Cy Young Award in 2016.