Atlanta Braves Sean Rodriguez to get new Braves apparel from Santa

This morning an awesome video circulated across the wonderful world of Braves Twitter of newly acquired Sean Rodriguez pushing his kids up a street during his normal workout routine.

The video made us all laugh, but at second glance, we noticed that Sean was still wearing his Pittsburgh Pirates shorts. The team he used to play for.

Myself and the rest of Braves Country certainly were not upset. We hold no ill will towards the Pirates… heck, they have one of the coolest parks in baseball, they’re not in our division anymore, and who wouldn’t want to hang out with Andrew McCutchen?

So we completely understand if Sean still has some Pirates apparel laying around the house. And for all we know, those could be his only shorts. It’s a historical fact that pirates did not own a whole lot of clothing. Often times, the clothes on their backs were all they had until they looted the next town or village.

Regardless of the circumstances, myself and some others felt the need to politely inquire about Sean’s Pirates shorts that he was wearing during his usual morning workout routine, since he recently agreed to play for the greatest team and for the greatest fans on God’s green earth.

I wrote him a heartfelt letter expressing my concerns.

Sean responded to my heartfelt correspondence almost immediately with the utmost respect and urgency.

Sean’s wife then also responded to my correspondence.

Both letters from the Rodriguez family prove that the Atlanta Braves made the correct decision in signing Sean Rodriguez. As a writer, I am interested to see how the Braves utilize his vast skill set in 2017. As a fan, Sean Rodriguez is now my favorite Brave (sorry Nick) and I hope he torments NL East pitching in a wrath of unapologetic fury.

To refresh your memory, the Bravos signed Sean to a two-year deal on November 30. He’s coming off a career year in which he hit .270 BA with 18 HR and 56 RBI in 2016. Some analysts say his leg kick helps him generate power, but let’s be honest… there is currently no sabermetric stat to quantify the power of a lethal viking beard.

We look forward to Sean receiving his new Atlanta Braves apparel from Santa this year and we’re excited to see him and the rest of the squad take the field at SunTrust.

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