Atlanta Braves News: Southeast Snowpocalypse Chipper Jones Was Ready For Safety Patrol

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Atlanta Braves rebuilding, both literally and figuratively

Tomahawk Take Editor’s Note: An interesting look ahead at the 2017 fantasy value of the Atlanta Braves.  If your fantasy baseball league has a playoff system set up, you probably saw great value late in the year with Dansby Swanson, Matt Kemp and Freddie Freeman…heck they may have won you a trophy.  Actually, just those few sentences has me now thinking about fantasy baseball, my keepers for next year and the draft!  I think the Braves will have fantasy value at many positions in 2017 leading off with Freeman.  Can’t go wrong with a durable, consistent hitter with power.  I think Ender Inciarte and Kemp will both have outfield value and our pitching could be surprises late in the draft…via Julio Teheran, Bartolo Colon and RA Dickey. Gotta show love to Dansby Swanson as shortstop always seems to be light with talent.  Mostly, other than Freddie, you’ll most likely be able to grab Braves players late in the draft and hope they have a good season.

As the 2017 fantasy baseball season approaches, we take a look at the biggest news and storylines from each club. We’ll feature one team each weekday … and we’ll finish up on Feb. 15, the first day all teams will have their pitchers and catchers on the field for workouts.

The rebuilding Atlanta Braves have done a nice job restocking their organization with young talent over the past year. Moving into their new SunTrust Park in suburban Cobb County is another step toward a fresh start.  About that new park, the major difference in the dimensions from Turner Field is in right-center, where the wall will be just 375 feet from home plate (it was 390 previously). Hmmm … I wonder who might benefit from that?


Braves a potential trade destination for Brian Dozier?

Tomahawk Take Editor’s Note: Yeah, yeah ESPN we all covered this story the other day.  If this trade happens, I’d be shocked.  The Braves don’t really have a need for Dozier as I’m not sure it improves our current second base position with Jace Peterson and Sean Rodriguez and I don’t think he can make the move to third base.  On the other hand, the Dodgers need a second baseman and are willing to give the Twins their #2 prospect.  Why hasn’t that trade happened yet so we can move on?  Dozier’s 40 home runs would be very nice in the Braves lineup as currently we don’t have too much power, but that’s IF he has another season like last year…which is never guaranteed.  Braves should stay away from this 30-year-old, especially with Ozzie Albies on his way.

The Atlanta Braves could be a surprise trade destination for Minnesota Twinssecond baseman Brian Dozier, but the probability of such a deal is low, reports Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, citing “a source with direct knowledge.”

The Braves have a plethora of young arms in their system, which would be an upside for the Twins, who are in need of pitching. Berardino tweets that his source insists a match with the Twins is a “long shot” for Atlanta.

Dozier had the best season of his career in 2016, slashing .268/.340/.546 with 99 RBIs and 42 home runs, a single-season record for American League second basemen. The 29-year-old All-Star is guaranteed $15 million over the two years remaining on his current contract with the Twins.


Tomahawk Take Editor’s Note: With all this snow (projected snow, I barely got a half an inch) that hit the southeast, Chipper Jones assured us that he was ready for anything that came his way.  If you recall, the last time the Atlanta area got a really bad snow storm, Freddie Freeman was stuck in traffic and couldn’t get home.  He gave his buddy Chipper Jones a phone call, then Chipper came and got him on his four-runner.  The, now, iconic moment was captured by Chipper’s wife as that’s the first photo you’ll see below.  It looks as though Chipper has upgraded and he posted his new ride.  No word yet if he NEEDED to use it, but I’m sure he used it.  The Jones’ are expecting their new born baby boy so not sure if Chipper could get out and take a few laps in his new ride.

Oh, and the last Instagram post is of Chase as he’s on his way to Atlanta. Just a funny dude so I figured I’d share.

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