Atlanta Braves Are Interested in Tim Tebow

With a new stadium on the way, the Atlanta Braves are interested in giving Tim Tebow a shot at big league baseball.

The Atlanta Braves have an interest in signing Tim Tebow. The rumors of their interest of come shortly after Tebow’s well-covered tryout and has given more validity to his hope to play Major League Baseball.

What was once an amusing side story may just turn into a legitimate story of Tebow being given an opportunity in the minor leagues.  The Braves are reportedly not the only team interested in the former Gators quarterback, as four teams were reported to talk to Tebow directly after his tryout. The Braves remain the most logical location for Tebow, however.

The Atlanta Braves attendance and win/loss record have both taken a huge dip this year as they continue the rebuild. They have effectively restocked their minor league system, and put themselves in a position to compete long term, if even a small portion of their prospects turn out as expected.

Adding Tim Tebow to the mix would not be surprising for a team that is leaving no stone unturned and has a shortage of power in their minor league system.

From the Braves perspective, if Tebow accepts a deal that is in the Braves favor there is little reason not to sign the former college football star. While it would obviously be a move to sell minor league tickets, and not a search for a reliable major league piece, they would benefit nonetheless.

Tebow would presumably fill a hole in the lower levels of the minor leagues as well giving the team a player to attract fans. Not only that, but Tebow has legitimate power if he can learn to make consistent contact against high level pitching.

The Braves would go into such a deal having zero expectations that 29-year-old Tebow will ever compete at a level above low-A ball. The move would appear to be a business one to attract fans and not one to continue and collect talent in the minor leagues as the Braves have been doing for the past few seasons.

For Tim Tebow, it would be an opportunity that a month ago was laughable to think he could receive. While he hasn’t done anything to give any indication he will have success in the minor leagues, he flashed enough talent to show he does have power and baseball talent even if it isn’t as fluid as it should be.

No doubt it would appear the Atlanta Braves and Tim Tebow are a good match. The question becomes how much salary does Tebow expect, and how much will the Braves be willing to give.

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