In Seattle, they’re crafty about beer

In Seattle, you could probably miss a few innings while considering your beer options.

G Fiume/Getty Images

If you have ever read the classic baseball book "Ball Four" — and if you haven’t, get to it this season — surely you will remember the sage advice Seattle Pilots manager Joe Schultz offered his pitchers: "Throw him some low heat and we’ll go pound some Budweiser."

The bit about the low fastball might still hold true. The beer part, especially when it comes to Seattle, not so much.

Maybe it fits in with Seattle’s stereotype as a hipster haven, but as the below tweet indicates, you can still find Budweiser at the ballpark, but you have to look harder.

Scroll through that list. If you’re Joe Six-Pack instead of Clyde Craft Beer, you might have to skip through a lot of brands before coming to one you’re familiar with from TV commercials.

(By the way, the Mens Room beer, made by Seattle brewer Elysian, isn’t named after where you end up after knocking back a couple of bottles. That’s the name of a show on Seattle radio station KISW.)

Contrast that lineup with what you can get at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where some fans were most concerned about the possible disappearance of Wrigley tradition Old Style (it’s still there, but less available) and where Anheuser-Busch has an exclusive sponsorship deal with the Cubs that means the offerings are very Bud-heavy.

Not so crafty. But easier to follow Joe Schultz’s advice.