Astros: Times are Changing for Houston Baseball

Think about this: Astros are close to changing the landscape of baseball this winter.

Not for lack of trying, the Astros have been zeroed in on acquiring real difference makers for their roster.

Sure, Yoenis Cespedes didn’t work out. But the fact that Houston was there till the very end is encouraging.

The game is now to convince Edwin Encarnacion to make the move back to the States. And perhaps acquiring a high quality pitcher for the rotation.

Just like that, Houston could make the disappointing 2016 season seem like a mere footnote. And take the league by storm in 2017.

For example, look at the Chicago Cubs. Similar rebuild and all. Big difference between the two franchises since then? Chicago’s ownership spent money to acquire veterans to supplement the roster. And look where they are now.

I want to say though that the team shouldn’t expect to win a World Series title just because they picked up good players. Plenty of teams have done that and not accomplish much. But it does make them World Series “contenders”. That’s a massive step forward for this franchise.

There is also a difference in acquiring talent and maintaining it. That will be the major test for the front office and ownership going forward. Keeping the likes of Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Carlos Correa, could be imperative to future success. Supplementing that core with talent is just as important.

This franchise hasn’t had this bright of a future since the days that guys named Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell walked through the halls of the Astrodome. Here’s hoping that they don’t screw it up.

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