Are White Sox Serious About Trading Chris Sale This Offseason?

Recent reports suggest White Sox are serious in trading All-Star pitcher this offseason. Could this franchise go through with a trade for its best player?

The Chicago White Sox will have some decisions to make over the next few days as the Winter Meetings will begin on Sunday Dec. 4. But are the Sox serious about their intent to rebuild?

The Sox could rebuild this offseason by making a number of trades involving players with less than four years remaining of team control. This would include players such as Chris Sale, Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Melky Cabrera. If the Sox were to trade any or all of the aforementioned players, they could certainly add depth to their farm system.

But just how serious are the Sox on trading Sale, their best player? According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Sox are very serious. Olney stated that he’s heard from rival execs that the Sox are serious about their intent on trading Sale.

If this is true, the Sox should be very active over the next week or so with the upcoming Winter Meetings. Although the current Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire on Thursday, recent reports have suggested MLB is confident they will beat deadline for a new CBA. This should be good news for the Sox as any delays in a new CBA could affect their ability to make trades this offseason.

However, with the Sox reportedly expressing serious intent on trading Sale, fans should expect a major trade to happen this offseason. A trade of Sale could fetch a decent return for the Sox, if the front office doesn’t get duped. This will be a big moment for Rick Hahn. If he’s able to pull off a successful trade involving Sale, expect Sox fans to praise the general manager. But if he isn’t, expect more of the same anger from Sox fans that has been persistent over the past four years.

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