Archie Bradley hit in face by line drive, leaves game

Archie Bradley left the D-backs' game after getting hit in the face.
Norm Hall/Getty Images Sport

By Larry Brown

Archie Bradley left the Arizona Diamondbacks’ game with the Colorado Rockies in the top of the second inning Tuesday after being hit in the face by a Carlos Gonzalez line drive.

Bradley had a 2-0 count on Gonzalez and left a curveball out on the middle of the plate against the slugger, who smashed a line drive back up the box. Bradley was struck and went down to the ground immediately and was treated by the medical staff.

As bad as the injury looked, the Diamondbacks say Bradley never lost consciousness. The young pitcher “was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for further testing. A complete medical update is expected following tonight’s game,” according to the team.

Bradley will almost assuredly be checked for a concussion among other things.

The 22-year-old rookie entered Tuesday’s game 2-0 with a 1.45 ERA and was one of the brightest spots on the D-backs. His final stats for the game included one run, two hits and two strikeouts over 1.1 innings.

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