Details emerge in Anna Benson arrest

Former baseball WAG Anna Benson’s recent arrest — she allegedly showed up at estranged husband Kris Benson’s place with a bulletproof vest and a gun while demanding a hefty amount of money — just got even wilder.

According to the police report, Benson — a former stripper who achieved some fame after marrying Benson — showed up at the apartment clad in all black, also wielding a knife and baton, and sat on the back porch smoking cigarettes while the cops were en route.

Police also recovered a black hatchet, black taser, ammunition, a bag of syringes and eight undisclosed pills.

According to the report, after Anna demanded $30,000 Kris Benson told her he needed to get his wallet, then bolted for the basement and called police. Afterward he snuck out of the apartment and hid in nearby woods.

You can hear the 911 call here.

And her response when police showed up and found her on the back porch, telling her they’d received a 911 call?

“He’s a f—ing p—y," she said, according to the police.

The police say she admitted smashing his computer with the baton and thought about hitting him, but "didn’t understand why we were making such a big deal out of this," the report says.

Afterward, Anna Benson tried to explain the bulletproof vest, saying she was wearing it “because it was a new model she was testing for a company’’ and that she needed “to get it to mold to her body."

Kris Benson finished his career in 2010 with a losing record, with his career highlight being when he led all pitchers in fielding percentage in 2005. When he was traded to Baltimore, he said he believed it was because of the distraction his wife had become.

Anna was most recently a star of VH1’s "Baseball Wives" in 2011-12.

Nearly 10 years ago, Anna was dubbed "Baseball’s hottest housewife" by FHM and a few years prior she appeared topless in Penthouse. She also famously told Howard Stern that if Kris ever cheated on her, she’d sleep with the entire Mets organization.

Kris filed for divorce last year and her show was canceled after one season.