Andrew McCutchen cuts off his dreadlocks, looks totally different

Andrew McCutchen cut his long hair.
Andrew McCutchen on Instagram

Andrew McCutchen is proving the Clark Kent effect, only instead of shedding glasses, he cut his hair.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ formerly dreadlocked outfielder went into the phone booth and came out looking like a completely different person, so much so that you probably wouldn’t recognize him at first. Rob Biertempfel, who covers the Bucs for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, tweeted out a picture of some guy he claimed was McCutchen, but let’s just say we were skeptical.

[See the photos here]

McCutchen told the Tribune-Review there was “no big reason” for the haircut, it was “just time for a change.” But he might have been being modest. His hair apparently will be auctioned off for charity.

It’s nice the haircut was for a good cause, but we liked McCutchen’s old look. Let’s just say this is a day we’ve “dreaded” for a long time.

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