Alex Rodriguez to Host a Reality Show About Broke Former Athletes

After an impressive stint with FOX during last year’s post-season, Alex Rodriguez has been picked to host a reality show.

Alex Rodriguez has a new gig. He’s slated to be the host of a new reality show that includes Michael Strahan as one of the executive producers. Of course Michael Strahan is involved. He’s been on TV more since his NFL career ended than he was while he played. The only former athlete on TV more often than Michael Strahan is Shaq, who pops up in commercials approximately every six minutes.

Despite being reviled by many baseball fans, particularly those in Seattle and Texas, Alex Rodriguez impressed many with his stint on last year’s post-season baseball coverage on FOX. He was praised for being well-prepared and providing insight with an impressive knowledge of the game. His back-and-forth with Pete Rose was particularly entertaining at times.

The working title for the pilot of the show A-Rod has been chosen to host is “Back in the Game” and slated to be on CNBC. The show will feature ex athletes who are in serious financial trouble being paired with mentors who can help them get back on their feet From the press release: “Whether the game plan involves launching a second career, starting a new business, or just finding a way out of crushing debt, the mentors are ready to guide these former starts to their next great play. But after years of living large, will they be willing to listen to their new coach?”

A-Rod has famously made a ton of money in his career. He “retired” during the 2016 season. It was framed as a retirement, but he was really pushed out by the Yankees, despite being just four home runs short of 700 for his career and being owed another $21 million for the 2017 season.

According to, Rodriguez has made over $441 million. He has also shown an interest in the financial world. When he was suspended for the 2014 season, he took a marketing class at the University of Miami. He also attended business lectures given by NBA great Magic Johnson and Michael Milken, the financier who spent some time in prison.

So A-Rod, with his smooth delivery and financial acumen, is a natural to host this show. He has been much more likable on FOX than he was as a player. What the show will become is anyone’s guess. Right now it’s just in the beginning stages. They haven’t filmed the pilot yet and many TV show ideas are bounced around that never actually make it on the air.

Sadly, there are plenty of ex-athletes who could use help with their finances. Some of the most famous athletes of our times have had major money problems. Mike Tyson earned more than $400 million yet declared bankruptcy even before he retired from boxing. Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens made an estimated $80 million in career earnings but filed for bankruptcy in 2012. He claimed bad investments, a collapsing housing market, and $50,000 per month in child support payments led to his financial trouble.

There have also been players who were terrible with their own finances but went on to give others financial advice. Former NBA player Antoine Walker earned more than $100 million in his career. He filed for bankruptcy in 2010. He claimed he was lending financial support to 70 different friends and family members at one point. After his bankruptcy, he teamed up with Morgan Stanley as a consultant for Morgan Stanley Global Sports and Entertainment. He made a documentary about his financial rise and fall called “Gone in an Instant.”

Former big league player Lenny Dykstra claimed a net worth of $58 million in 2008. He created a website for investing ideas called “Nails Investments”, started a magazine geared towards the high-end lifestyle of athletes called Player’s Club, and had a financial column on One year later he lost his house to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy. He listed less than $50,000 in assets and tens of million in liabilities. He was sentenced to 6.5 months in prison in 2012 for bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets, and money laundering.

If A-Rod can be part of a show that helps athletes who have blown their money get back on his feet, then good for him. He can help out some famous athletes and, hopefully, be entertaining at the same time. Still, I don’t think the show will do well with fans of the Seattle Mariners or Texas Rangers.

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