Alex Rodriguez set to host financial show on CNBC

As he heads into retirement, Alex Rodriguez is slated to add to his television resume.

Alex Rodriguez’s days as a baseball player are over, after the New York Yankees released him in the middle of the 2016 season. He has done well as part of postseason coverage on Fox the last two years, and apparently Rodriguez is taking another step into television work.

According to Alex Weprin of Politico, Rodriguez is in line to host a show on CNBC. “Back in the Game”, the current working title, will pair retired athletes with money-savvy mentors to help them get back on their feet financially. As a side note, the show will reportedly be executive produced by retired NFL player and current media personality Michael Strahan.

Stories of retired athletes who find financial hardship when their careers end are common, and the ESPN 30 for 30 film “Broke” shed some specific light on the issue when it aired back in 2012. Helping retired athletes find a second calling, or a second career, also seems to be part of the premise for “Back in the Game.”

The show is only in the pilot stage, and it’s unclear if said pilot has already been filmed as well as if or when it will actually be broadcast. Finding retired athletes to participate could also be a problem, since their money issues and past frivolousness may be exposed for what may essentially turn into a shallow reality show.

With Strahan and Rodriguez involved in the project, even at an early stage, there’s a strain of legitimacy to “Back in the Game.” If that can be followed up by offering actual value, to the participating ex-athletes and to the potential television audience, Rodriguez may have a sustainable broadcast job on the perimeter of the sports world.

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