Absentminded fans nearly nailed in face by foul ball in Tampa Bay

Those signs around ballparks that tell fans to keep an eye out for foul balls are there for a reason.

Two guys sitting in the front row for Tuesday night’s Tampa Bay Rays-Baltimore Orioles game at Tropicana Field did not heed that warning, and it almost resulted in one of them taking a Steve Pearce foul ball straight to the dome.

As Pearce’s foul screamed toward the Orioles’ dugout, everyone — players and fans alike — scattered for cover. Except, that is, for our two friends here in the pink and white, who just kept on chatting as the line drive made a beeline right for them.

Luckily for both of their faces, the ball somehow split the inches-wide gap between them, preventing what could have been a very nasty situation at The Trop.


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