A year after near-miss, no Galarraga-Joyce reunion

Exactly a year after a missed call cost him a perfect game,

there was no reunion between pitcher Armando Galarraga and umpire

Jim Joyce.

There won’t ever be one, in fact, on a big league field while

they’re both still active.

Major League Baseball put a rule into effect this season that

Joyce cannot umpire any games in which Galarraga’s team plays. The

edict came after Galarraga and Joyce co-authored a book about that

infamous game in Detroit last June 2.

Joyce called Cleveland’s Jason Donald safe at first base on what

would’ve been the final out. After the Tigers won, Joyce apologized

to Galarraga for getting it wrong.

The next day, Galarraga presented the Tigers’ lineup card to a

teary-eyed Joyce at home plate before the game at Comerica


Galarraga was traded from Detroit to Arizona in the offseason.

He went 3-4 with a 5.91 ERA in eight starts before the Diamondbacks

sent him to Triple-A Reno last month.

MLB has previously put special rules into effect regarding

particular umpires and players.

Umpire Jim Wolf is not allowed to work home plate in any game

where his brother, Randy, currently with Milwaukee, is pitching.

Jim Wolf can umpire games in which Randy’s team is playing.